The United States has always been a country of people who try to handle problems on their own. From forging ground on their own to settle the untamed West to changing the oil in their own car, the do-it-yourself spirit has a long and proud history. As strong as that sentiment is, there are a number of different types of home emergencies where it is best to call in the experts. 

1. Fire damage

If your home sustains a fire, there will likely be damage beyond that caused by the flames. Smoke damage, as well as damage from the water used by the firefighters to fight the blaze, will exact damage, too. Recovering from this is a complex job that calls for experienced professionals with the right equipment. 

2. Water damage

As mentioned above, water damage can occur as the result of a fire. However, water damage can also be the consequence of a burst or leaking pipe as well as flooding. Regardless of the origin of the water damage, a swift response from experienced teams that possess the expertise to safely extract the water, cleanup the remaining debris, dry the area and the other crucial steps needed to make your home livable again is necessary. 

3. Storm damage

Whether a storm brings tornadoes, hail, extreme winds or other damaging elements, your home may sustain damage. Trees crashing through roofs and limbs bursting your windows require a prompt response and emergency care. Place a tarp over your roof helps reduce further damage as does boarding up damaged areas. 

4. Mold removal

The presence of mold signals a potential health hazard that could have far-reaching consequences. While the safe and prompt removal of the mold is one aspect of this issue, it is also important to locate its source to prevent further problems in the future. 

Regardless of which emergency you find your home experiencing, if you live in the Twin Cities area, A & A Property Restoration is your professional and experienced source of assistance. With emergency crews and equipment on standby 24 hours a day, you know that you always have experts to turn to in the event that the unthinkable occurs. Contact them as soon as possible after the event has occurred to help minimize further damage. 

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