Mold Removal & Mitigation

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Mold Removal and Mitigation


Once moisture gets into your home, mold often will follow.

As a hazardous fungus with over 100,000 species, mold quickly reproduces, releasing spores into the air that you and your family may be breathing in your home. There are 5 growth requirements for mold: something to feed on—paper (drywall), wood, natural fibers or some type of soil, moisture or humidity in the air, moderate temperature, especially between 68 and 86 degrees, stagnant air with no movement, and time. Typically, you can see visible growth in just 72 hours of water damage.

  • Health Effects of Mold:

    Health and scientific studies have found that exposure to mold over any over a period of time is known to cause adverse health problems or worsening of existing symptoms. Health effects could potentially include coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, sore throat, inflammation of sinuses, and aggravation of asthma.

  • At-Risk:

    Populations with weakened immune systems, such as young children, older adults, and individuals with chronic inflammatory lung disease or severe allergies are especially vulnerable to adverse health problems and symptoms of exposure.

  • Identification:

    Mold can be visible or invisible to the naked eye. This is why it should be properly identified through air sampling or tape-lift samples and sent to a lab for appropriate identification. It is highly recommended to have a 3rd party perform identification testing. A & A Property Restoration is experienced and certified in mold cleanup which includes fixing the source(s) of the moisture problem, cleaning all affected surfaces, and drying the area completely.

A & A Property Restoration is here to help you take control if mold is in your home or business. When performing mold remediation services, we take precautions for the safety and health of our customers by utilizing containment control and providing contaminant removal.

At A & A Property Restoration, we provide professional and cost-efficient remediation techniques and methods to minimize interruption to your home or business. All services are completed in accordance with standard industry practices and procedures.


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