Water is not often considered a damaging element it today’s world. After all, man has learned to harness its energy and it is a substance that each living thing on earth must have copious amounts of in order to survive. However, water is also very destructive. For example, water can erode a hard substance such as rock over time. Within that frame of reference, you can likely imagine the damage it could do to your home.

Excessive Moisture is Only the Beginning

Excessive moisture in your home can lead to unexpected consequences. When you add in flooding which involves extreme amounts of water, the effects can be downright disastrous. It can be hard to believe until it happens to you but a burst pipe can quickly wreak such havoc on your home that you need professional help. Water that has been contaminated with bacteria, for example, can make an area unfit for habitation and even spread its contamination even further if not handled correctly.

Contaminated Water Must be Handled Correctly

Even if you do not think you live in a flood prone area, your home could be at risk of serious damage. There are many areas of the country that never experienced the devastation of flooding until recently, for example. While you might think that events such as sewage backflows are the only time you need to be concerned about contaminated water, there are other times as well. For example, during a flooding situation, all sorts of materials that would not normally be found in your home — at least not in such great amounts — could be introduced. Animal feces, parasites and chemical residue are only a few of the numerous foreign materials that could be found in your home after a flood. These could contain fungi, bacteria, viruses and more health hazards that you simply cannot wipe away.

Organic Home Materials

To make matters worse, homes are designed of organic materials like wood, drywall and carpet fibers. These types of materials actually provide a fertile breeding ground for those pathogens that are contained within contaminated waters to grow. Within just a few short hours — at the most you have 48 hours — these pathogens begin to multiply. 

If you have experienced flooding and/or excessive moisture of any type, you need to contact an experienced water damage restoration company. 

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