If you’ve encountered flooding, heavy rain or a busted pipe, don’t wait to contact a provider. Take care of your personal items right away but consult an expert on how to handle repairing your home from the water damage and taking the first steps.

Step One: Get Rid of Standing Water

First, you’ll need to get rid of standing water. Use buckets, towels, and mops to get rid of excess fluids. Make sure your electrical outlet areas are clear first, as exposed outlets can be a hazard. After experiencing water damage, the most important thing you can do is protect the area from mold growth, long-term carpet damage and ongoing safety issues.

Step Two: Disconnect All Electronics

After saving the electrical outlets, head for any large electronics. Lamps, televisions, gaming systems, and other large objects should be lifted. Place them on counters and tables, and make sure their cords aren’t exposed to the waters below. Water and electricity don’t mix.

Step Three: Disinfect the Area

Once you’ve cleared any standing water, you’ll need to disinfect the area. Disinfect any insulation, wood beams and drywall. Even if your sewer pipes haven’t been broken, rising floodwater can lift bacteria from the ground. Once the water is cleared, the bacteria can stick around—clinging to any exposed surfaces.

Step Four: Stop the Mold Growth

It pays off to focus on mold, directly. Once you’ve disinfected the area, apply some Concrobium across the area. This includes any walls, floors, and furniture impacted by the water. Any area susceptible to mold growth should be targeted. Once you’ve applied the layer, let it sit overnight. This material stops mold growth immediately. While it’ll wear off eventually, a professional provider, by then, will have taken over.

Always contact a mold removal team. A lot of emergency services include mold prevention, but it’s a good idea to include mold prevention as part of your water damage restoration plan. Over time, your home will be back to its normal state. Treat the situation with care, and prep the home for your local professionals. Move any furniture, and make it easy to access heavily damaged areas. Your providers are there to help, and they’re more effective when they can easily access such areas.

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